Bob Watson founded All About Nets, LLC to assist owners, managers, architects, engineers and planners with an unbiased design for their netting systems. Bob has over 56 years of experience in the design and construction of netting systems and overhead utility lines.

Included in his area of expertise are sport, golf, environmental, safety, and animal control netting systems. These include, but are not limited to, netting for baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer facilities, playgrounds and stadiums, as well as golf courses and driving ranges. Other netting systems include environmental and industrial applications. These are litter fence netting around landfills and transfer stations, as well as dust control for mines, power plants, coke piles, etc., safety netting is designed to prevent falls or to prevent being struck by foreign objects. Animal control netting is used at zoos, raptor centers, fish hatcheries, and the prevention of animals from entering contaminated water.

Bob has 22 years of experience in the design and installation of netting systems. He founded and was Managing Member of Net Connection for 18 years. Bob was involved with every aspect of the business from marketing, sales, design, construction, and accounting. During his time at Net Connection he designed, sold and installed over 16 million sq. ft. of netting. Bob also developed a design program with structural engineers that takes into account the effect of wind, ice, snow loads and varying exposure risks have on netting systems throughout the United States. Anything designed by All About NetsĀ© will take these conditions into account and will meet the building code for the geographic area. We will provide stamped engineering when required.

Bob also has 34 years of experience with DTE Energy. During that time he served as a lineman, Crew Leader, Crew Foreman, Field Foreman, Contract Coordinator, Manpower Coordinator and Project Manager. His responsibilities included building and maintaining overhead distribution and transmission lines, coordinating engineering, planning, design and construction for both overhead and underground line projects, dealing with de-regulated ventures including opportunities with cable TV companies, cellular phone providers, and the design and installation of netting systems.

Bob understands the complexity of constructing a properly built netting system. He also understands the importance of designing and building it right the first time. Extending the height of a netting system or replacing failed netting and/or poles after a wind or ice storm is extremely costly and unnecessary. All About NetsĀ© will help make sure its customers get a well-placed, structurally sound, height appropriate and aesthetically pleasing netting system to prevent liability issues and failures due to weather conditions.