All About Nets offers the following services to owners, managers, planners, architects and engineers regarding all types of netting systems:

  • Feasibility Studies to determine if netting is required or fiscally prudent
  • Ball trajectory studies to determine height and placement parameters
  • Design of netting system including stamped engineering, designs include:
    • Pole type & size based on loading due to climate, spacing, height & exposure type.
    • Pole foundation design based on pole loading, soil conditions, access.
    • Detailed drawings showing pole & cable spacing, hardware attachments, netting type and attachment methods and pole foundation
  • Bid Specifications to assure apples to apples bids
  • Budget numbers for netting system including materials, freight & installation
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Inspections of all types
    • During installation
    • Maintenance
    • Third Party
    • Safety
    • Etc.
  • Project Management during construction
  • FAA compliance considerations
  • Value engineering for bid specs already written
  • Guidance to quality products and contractors
  • Review of bids by suppliers/contractors
  • Advice on pros & cons of various products, designs, contractors, methods, etc.
  • Services offered by the hour, day and job, plus expenses
  • Insurance Claims/adjustments
  • Temporary netting for tournaments and special events

All About Nets, LLC does not sell any products, we only offer services, so we have no agenda to include a certain type of pole or brand of netting in our design. Our only agenda is offering a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, height appropriate, properly placed and a competitive priced netting system for our customers.

Our designs include netting for sports complexes, golf courses and driving ranges, landfills, animal control, dust control, safety, prison safety, and vandalism control.